Lewcock Studios provides management, technology and product development services to data and technology-driven, growth businesses.

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Our Story

Lewcock Studios is a media company which in it's early days delivered a small pirate community FM radio station broadcasting across several local neighborhoods, with regularly hosted radio programs and 24hr CHR music programming.

In the late 90's, the radio station was transitioned to the Internet where we were a pioneer in Streaming Internet Radio during the beginning of what would become a digital revolution for the radio broadcasting industry. We were among the first to be listed on Internet Radio directory Shoutcast.com and often enjoyed success in the top of the directory chart for most concurrent listeners. We also diversified into mobile disc jockey services which focused on the High School demographic.

Today, we provide management, technology and product development services to 787 Networks Inc, Managed Media Inc and other future focused, data and technology-driven businesses. We also operate a Muskoka, Ontario region Internet radio station called Muskoka Mix.

Our Companies

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Managed Media is a web based Content Delivery Network (CDN) and content aggregator located in London, Ontario. Our clients are themed entertainment venues throughout North America.

787 Networks is a group of business entertainment networks; each focused on a highly customized approach to the industry or market they serve.

The myJAM apps enable users to play their favorite songs at thousands of entertainment venues including bars, restaurants, bowling centers, and family entertainment centers across Canada and the United States.

Music, Music-Video & Digital Signage platform for hospitality establishments where the bar is the hub of the business.

The leading entertainment service for the Bowling Industry, with Music, Music-Video and Live Broadcasts.

Music, Music-Video & Digital Signage that is family friendly and Mom Approved, for Family Entertainment Centers.

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